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6 Ways to use your mother's bridal outfit for your intimate wedding

A mother-daughter relationship is always special. Every daughter carries a piece of her mother's personality and that is the most beautiful thing of all. If you tried putting on a red lipstick and styling your mother's dupatta as a child, then you should do it again. We're here to help you use your mom's wedding outfit for your intimate wedding during lockdown. Here are some tips to utilise your mom's wedding outfit for your D-Day from Sanjay Desai, Director of Fabcurate.

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5 Expert approved trendy colours for your mehndi outfit

Indian weddings are a riot of colours and multiple functions. It is one of the most beautiful forms of weddings, and the various rituals performed mark the beginning of an important chapter in the bride's life. One of them is the mehndi ritual. It is a pre-wedding custom that is mostly about having fun, but it also has great historical and cultural value.

The question of "what to wear for mehndi" is one that most brides have. They mostly like to wear exquisite lehengas and cholis. The main colo

The Revival of Retail Post Second Wave of Covid-19

As we adapt to the Covid-19 challenges, e-commerce will play a crucial role in the retail sector and will drive long-term changes in consumer behavior.

Even before the current situation, Indian retailers were anticipating strong e-commerce growth in 2020. As a result of the Coronavirus, the sector can expect two waves of accelerated e-commerce development. The effectiveness of local and global efforts to navigate through the dual health and economic crises will determine the length, size, and t

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